ƑrëĐô Ȃrthǚr Vïruêtɘ II was an Assassin and later Bounty Hunter from Lyon,France.
He master the ways of using two swords and invented the double-bladed sword staff.


Early LifeEdit

ƑrëĐô Ȃrthǚr Vïruêtɘ was born in Lyon, France. His father was ƑrëĐô Ȃrthǚr Vïruêtɘ I and his mother was Mary Ane. His father was a great Assassin, and in almost every mission they succeded and always follow the Assassin's Creed.
During the early years of ƑrëĐô, he enter to the Assassin's Academy, were his father and uncle teach him the arts of becoming a great Assassin.
When ƑrëĐô was 18 years old; his father,uncle, a friend of his father, and him, went on a mission to kill deadly mercenary who kill 30 assassins. The mission was going good, but then all went wrong. His father's friend set them all a trap..... it was an ambush. His father,uncle, and him tried to escape, but suddenly soldiers started to appear everywere. His father protect ƑrëĐô and his brother,but ƑrëĐô didn't want to leave his father, and then the father's friend stab ƑrëĐô's father in the stomach with a longsword. ƑrëĐô was in shock, but his uncle told him there is not they could do, and escape as fast as they can to their home. When they arrive home, ƑrëĐô's Mom, was dead. She had a knife stab in her heart. ƑrëĐô was furious and wanted to get revenge on his father's friend. His uncle told him that they should out from the city, and go to Paris, where most of ƑrëĐô's family live there. ƑrëĐô, furious and sad, and so, he accepted and went with his uncle during the night to Paris.
ƑrëĐô was now without his father and mother, and will sacrifice everything to learn every trick in the assassin's book to get revenge on that traitor, with the help of his uncle and friends that he will know a long the way.