Adam Forman (born 1948 - Oct 1, 1991) (formerly Adam Führend) is the son of Master Assassin, Arne Führend. He was a born assassin who lives in New York City.

Early LifeEdit

Adam Forman was born in Maienfeld, Switzlerland in 1948. A year later, The Führends moved to America and they changed their last name to Forman.

Assassin TrainingEdit



On October 1, 1991, A mysterious man (possably a Templar) broke into there residence and kept Adam's wife, Lola Wells, hostage. The man forced Lola to call Adam to lure him into the house as a trap. When Adam arrived, the man asks him where the apple is. Adam claims to have no idea what he's talking about trys to negotiate with the mysterious man. The man then points a gun at Lola and continues threaten Adam. After Adam grabbed a knife from the table and attempted to kill the mysterious man, the man shot and killed Lola in cold-blood. Adam then runs after the man and scars his face with the knife. the man then shot Adam multiple times in the chest.

He and his wife are said to be burried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.