""A posse ad esse non valet consequentia""

A young latin assassin who carried after his mother. He was apart of the Jerusalem sect of assassins. He met famous people such as:Leonardo Di Vinci, and even Ezio. His trademark weapon unlike Altair and Ezio was his large shuriken(a weapon he "borrowed" from one of his targets). Aleron is highly skilled with his shuriken able to do many gymnastic type abilities.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

As a child Aleron was very poor. He was an unpopular and picked on child. Everyone remarked at how Aleron had some weird ability. Aleron liked to climb up the largest buildings in Rome at night and just watched the stars. He had a clear view of the stars even on cloudy nights due to his "eagle vision" ability. When Aleron was 12 his parents died from sickness and disease. Aleron ran away eventually running into a young assassin named Ezio.

A New Life Edit

Ezio at first almost accidently killed Aleron, but Aleron saw it coming with his eagle vision and blocked it. Ezio impressed by Aleron's agility brought Aleron to his uncle Mario's villa. Aleron was put to work as he trained to become an assassin. He spent years training to become stealthy, agile, and smart. Eventually Aleron(at the age of 16) was tasked with his first assassination. With the nerousness of his first mission and the lacvk of back-up Aleron failed the mission. Aleron then decided that he was unfit to work with Mario and Ezio so he ran away. He eventually got a horse and rode all the way to Jerusalem.It wasn't just a random instinct to go here however, Aleron's mother had told him of her stories of being an assassin in Jerusalem, and how she left that life behind and moved to Italy where she met the love of her life(Aleron's father). Aleron felt at home here and felt like he belonged.It wouldn't be long before he ran into trouble however.

The Assassins' Creed Edit

Aleron found himself trying to survive the hustle and bustle. He became a theive and was taught their skills. After a few months of living with them Aleron struck out on his own once again, this time hoping to pull off his biggest heist yet. He had heard that the piece of eden was hidden in Masyaf so he went there. Here he encountered the assassins. When Aeron was about to be killed and older assassin had remarked at how much he had looked like Jasmine(Aleron's mother). Aleron confessed that he wanted the Piece of Eden. He also explained his life story. The ruler of the Jerusalem assassins sect(a man named Nafar) was to decide Aleron's fate. Nafar had decided Aleron was guilty,but before he ws killed a young woman protested. It was Nafar's daughter Olivia. Olivia was to be married, but still had no fiancee because she was so picky. Nafar gave Aleron the choice to either die or marry his daughter,with Aleron choosing the latter. Eventually after their marriage Aleron did devlop feelings for Olivia. Aleron was took in as Nafar's only son and was taught the way of the assassin.

Aleron went on many missions each becoming more difficult as Aleron rised to through the ranks. Aleron eventually reached 'master assassin'. Aleron had to caught off his left ring finger so he could use the hidden blade. Aleron did so, and was given the title of master assassin. Aleron eventually started traveling to farther lands(with a caravan). Aleron also recieved a shuriken from people known as ninjas(Oneof his targets was a ninja). Aleron returned to Jerusalem bringing back tales of his travels.

Aleron was on a local mission as he was looking for some treasure, He found a burial tomb. It was the tomb of a young women named Maria and a young man named Altair. Maria resembled Aleron very much and the two even shared a last name. Inside was a note:

To my son Aleron if God ever brings you here then he must wish for you to know the truth. The women you lying here is your ancestor. Her name is Maria. The man next to her is her master[Husband] Altair. You are breed from a long line of assassins my child, use this knowledge to grow from it.

                                                                                                                                                       Love Mama

As Aleron read the letter he began to cry,Olivia(who had heard of a possible cave in came to warn Aleron) came to his side. When they were about to exit they were enclosed by a cave in. They laid to in the coffin next to Maria and Altair's waiting to see them for the first time.

Personality Edit

Alben was quite a timid young man who never showed cockyness. He was never proud and often showed the most sympathy for his victims. Alben was alwasy very stealthy because of what he had learned and because he never talked much(only when some one would listen). Alben was very soft-spoken. However Alben enjoye company very much and loved to laugh. He was a sensative young man who always seemed to attract women on accident.

Trivia Edit

  • In latin Alben's name means Eagle just Ezio and similar to Altair(who's name meant The Flying One)
  • Aleron's shuriken is large in size(the size of a fan) and clan glide whilst Aleron stands on it. This is supported by Aleron's signeture move of him gliding on the shuriken and jumping off as it goes through an enemy as Aleron does a one hand cartwheel backflip off of the enemies head and catches the shuriken(after it has already went through the enemy of course).