Assassin's Creed: The Assassin's Trail is a video game available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released worldwide on March 18, 2011.

Main storylineEdit

In 1675, 18-year-old Walter Selbridge was living in New York, capital of the British Province of New York. He was tasked by his father, Albert Selbridge, a political strongman and undercover Assassin to send a letter to an associate, a priest named Robert Jayhore. After receiving the letter, the priest directed Walter to his rival priest, Frederick Honsman, to negotiate an agreement. Honsman responded by attacking the Villa Selbridge. An angry Walter, disguised as a city guard, killed Honsman. The government arrested Walter's parents and brothers for being involved in the murder and executed them.

Walter decided to leave New York for Moscow, where the secret headquarters of the Assassins Order lies. Upon arriving there, he was greeted by his elderly granduncle, Louis Auditore, who taught Walter the Assassins' techniques and skills for over 2 years. In 1677, Walter felt ready, and he left Moscow to free the Earth from "the wicked ones who brought pain to the planet". The "wicked ones" include those who conspired to kill his parents, and the Papal States, which was declining in prestige and led by corrupt Templar agents.

His mission brought him to various places, which were Paris, Toulouse, London, Edinburgh, Alexandria, Constantinople, Rome, Milan, Delhi, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus, Calicut, Pondicherry, Athens, New Castle in the British America's Delaware Colony, Quebec, back to New York and more cities. He also met and befriended Isaac Newton, Jan III Sobieski, Shivaji Bhosle (whose ambassador to France taught Walter about the Hindustani language) and many more. They gave Walter a huge influence within their cities or nation, which helped Walter in finishing his main quest. By June 1696, he was in possession of all Apples, Sword of Eden and Shroud of Eden.

In April 1698, the 41-year-old Walter came to Bakhchisaray, capital of the Crimean Khanate, where he and his Assassin apprentices located Selim I Giray, the Khan of Crimea and owner of the Map of Eden. Walter disguised as a soldier and infiltrated the Bakhchisaray Palace and quietly stabbed Selim to death before acquiring the Staff of Eden and leaving. He assassinated a few more targets before reaching and assassinating Asa Maulind, the self-proclaimed Lord of Normandy and owner of another Staff of Eden in July 1701.

The Book of Eden gave Walter the enormous strength to encounter the mighty beasts of the Vault of Eden, located below the Vault of Eden, in May 1703. There, Walter found the sacred Book of Eden, Sword of Minerva, Armor of Altair and treasures worth 10 million florins.

With the completeness of his Pieces of Eden collection, Walter gathered his apprentices and army and marched to the ten Virtual Heavens with the aid of his Eagle Vision to destroy the 10 mighty war machines of the Papal States and kill 10 Virtual Heaven captains. Finally, in September 1706, after the assassination of Papal allies the "corrupt" Papal States was open for a direct assault. Along with his apprentices, who led the Army of Truth, Selbridge gathered his allies from all over Europe in Milan. From there, the army marched to Rome, while winning several battles and laying waste behind.

Finally, the Army of Truth reached Rome, and battled Pope Clement XI's army before capturing Rome. Clement XI ran away, and a new Pope was elected. He was titled Innocent XIII and pledged allegiance to Walter and his forces. Walter himself was declared Grand Master of the Assassins Order. Walter himself became busy with searching for Clement. Ultimately, in November 1709, Walter encountered Clement in the Battle of Montreal, where Clement was attacking the Assassins' base there in the service of the British, who agreed to reinstate Clement as pope after he captured the base.

After being involved in a duel, Clement was killed, and the British forces retreated. Walter negotiated a peace treaty with the British Empire, and his victory over corruption and evil which tainted the Earth was celebrated with a party in Rome. Walter returned to Moscow and decided that under him, the place would always be the Assassins' headquarters. A final cutscene showed the 56-year-old Walter as he visited Rome in early 1713 and met Pope Innocent XIII, who declared, "The Templars of Europe are no more."


Other than the main storyline's quests, there are also side-quests. Every side-quest is optional, except for the quest Find An Apprentice, set in 1680, as the player would require Assassin apprentices, introduced in this side-quest, is some later missions in the main storyline. New apprentices could be acquired through the "Saving a Citizen" side-quest. The player must safe a citizen harassed by guards, and that citizen would join the Assassins Order. However, the player's notoriety would increase.

Side-quests were also available in the Thieves' Guild, Cult of Caesar, Lock Down gang, Maximum Hurt gang, Cento Occhi gang, Merchants' Guild, Society of Magic, Roman Catholic Church, Courtesan Association, European Mercenaries, Asian Mercenaries and various shops spread throughout the map.