Assassin's Creed Chronicles of the Silent Blade is a book written by Claymore Corporation. It is based upon what happened to Altair after the game. The book was released in September 26 2008.


Chapter 1:Blade in the CrowdEdit

The story begins in medias res with Altair on his white horse galloping away from Jerusalem. A group of European Knights pursue him away from Jerusalem. Soon Altair enters the vicinity of the Kingdom. Altair falls on a Muslim patrol. The Muslims ask him of his intentions. Altair gives no answer but abandons the horse and slowly leaves. The guards however don't allow Altair to leave. Then a grizzled old merchant appears, bribing the guards and orders them to leave. The guards soon leave. Then Altair is not able to do anything but only to run away from the crusader group that are pursuing him. But as much more he gallops, he realises that he has fallen to a trap. Soon an medium sized force of Crusaders block Altair from leaving. Altair decides to cut his way to the other side. Even when he succeeds, his horse is shot by an arrow and falls down. When Altair stands up, he continues to run. Finally Altair reaches a merchant stand. Near the stand was a deep crevasse.