May 31, 1398


January 4, 1476

Time period

Early Renaissance

Political information

Assassins (formerly)
Order of Gemini

Atalo (1398-1476) was an ex-assassin of Greek origins during the early times of the Renaissance. Atalo renounced the Creed in rage when the Assassin Order made peace with the Ottoman Empire. From that point, he did all he could to stop the Ottomans from expanding, including founding the Order of Gemini.

Birth and TrainingEdit

Atalo was born to two Greek assassins, Alexander and Aris. He began his training quickly and proved himself able, in both body and mind. His best qualities were his quick-thinking mind and his agility. It is unknown at what age he was inducted into the Assassin Order.


Atalo's first mission was to intercept a message between Templars. He finished this mission successfully. Other missions he conducted included stealing, intercepting more messages, assassinating, and spying. He completed all missions successfully, and without question.

As the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars were coming closer to the end, with the Ottomans winning, the Assassins attempted to make peace with the Ottoman Empire. The transactions took several weeks. At the beginning, Atalo was not at all opposed to the idea. However, when he was sent with a few other Assassins as ambassadors to the Ottomans, he learned that the Ottomans were using a Piece of Eden on Byzantine boy children to change them into Janissaries. This Piece of Eden was being hidden from the Assassins. Atalo told the Grand Master of the Assassins, but he was accused of lying and his high rank in the Order was reprimanded. In fury, he renounced the Creed and disappeared for the next few years.

Order of GeminiEdit

Atalo was attempting to slow down the progression of the Ottomans by himself. While he had had some progress, he knew he attempts were in vain if he continued by himself. So he founded the Order of Gemini, a minor group when compared to the Assassins and Templars. They also hunted the Pieces of Eden, but just so they could hide them from their enemies, and to see new ideas as Altair did.


Atalo's main weapons are dual hook blades, hook swords used by Shoalin monks.