Azeem Bayhas (roughly Defender of the Lion) is an Assassin who proceeds Altair. His skills rival some of the top in history. He is the Son of Bandar the Portman.

Azeem Bayhas


Azeem Bayhas
117 lbs.
Azeem of the Tanto
The Brotherhood (formerly), Templar (currently)
*Hidden Blade

Appearance Edit

Azeem is a tall fair skinned man with a well built structure. He wears the standard Brotherhood Garments, including a white shall with a thick/wide gold belt. From the belt, a chain links to a metal shoulder piece. From the waist, two flaps hang trimmed witha brown stiching. He wears a red belt. He has two bronze colored ankle guard and one bronze arm guard. They match with the bronze piece that wields his hidden blade. On his waist, he carries a rapier shaped blade, odd for one of his culture. His eyes, although rarely unseen are a light brown that match his hazelnut hair.

Personality Edit

Azeem is quite the calm man who follows the rules of the Brotherhood. He always gets the job done and keeps focuses. In doing so, he has seen many allies fall for their free thinking ways. He thinks of the Great Altair is a fool for not alligning alongside Al Maulim.

Background Edit

Born Azeem Ali Bayhas, his father was a humble farmer. He wanted more and searched for a better life. He met an old man who offered him great promise for his skills. Azeem accepted and joined the Brotherhood. For many years, he trained and became one of the best Assassin's. He wanted to bring death to those for the good of the world and eventually met Altair. He didn't like him at first, and still doesn't. He believes that one who would not follow the Assassins code is trash. He sided with Al Maulim ( The Teacher in Arabic) when he revealed to him that he was working for the Templar.

Abilities Edit

Amazing Acrobatic Skill- As a trained Assassin, he is skilled in the art of speed, agility and jumping. He can easily move across building as if they were stones on the water. He has seen jumping off of buildings into piles of hay, and moving with grace in the battlefield.

Master Assassin- As one of the Brotherhood's top, he has years of experience and skill to match. He has one of the top Assassination records in all of the BH.

Close Combat Experts- His skills include close combat, as he has been seen wielding a Hidden blade, a Tanto, and his fists. This may be his main area of battle expertise. He has also mastered Thorwing knives.

Eagle Sight- Like Altair, he has the ability of Eagle Sight which lets him differentiate between enemies, friends and those who are cautious of him.

Weapons Edit

1. Rapier-like Longsword- Sheathed at his waist, he carries a long sword that resembles a Western Rapier. He uses quick movements and grace to executr quick kills with this long range weapon.

2. Tantō- He is quite skilled with this weapon and has created multiple counter moves with it. They are as follows.

  • Uppercut Stab- By dodging a swing from a blade, Azeem will stab into the targets foot and slice upward moving from the foot to the head.
  • Temple Strike- Azeem will block a strike with his guantlet, and backhand the tanto into the targets temple, killing them.
  • Grab and Stab- Quite an entertaining move that involves grabbing the targets shirt and pulling them to the blade. He does this to make a simple movement a deadly strike to the stomach or chest.

3. Hidden Blade- Used by most Assassins, the Hidden Blade is attached to a guantlet. It is handy for quick behind the back kills and has easy access. He has a special function that as a last ditch effort he can fire it from its position, like a arrow.

Trivia Edit

  • His decendant was Subjec 14 of Project Animus, codenamed "Arnold".
  • "Arnold" to under went the process where he gained abilities used by Azeem, presumably "Eagle Sight".