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A representation of Gerrad

Cardinal Gerrad Ernesto IV was the first religious leader inside the Order. He was, at the time, Pope of the Christian Church, and was greatly concerned with the salvation of his way of life. It was his belief that, after what the inquisiton did to the Templar Order, they may still harbour anger, and might usper the already crumbling church. It was therefore in his best interests to join the Brotherhood. The Arcadius was his idea, suggesting that the Assasins should create a group that interpreted the creed in a different way. This would allow him to have a team of Assasins that wereable to do some of the Pope's dirty work, and not interrupt the creed of the Brotherhood.


This is normally strictly against the policy of the Brotherhood, as he is a religious leader, but he swore in to the Order and declared to abaondon his God in all acts for the Brotherhood short of the actual Assasinations. The leader of the Brotherhood at the time was leniant with his case, and explained that if it ever got to the point that the Cardinal had to perform an assasination, he could ask his God for the target to have a safe passage to the Beyond. This is interesting, as the Pieces of Eden and the understanding of the Capitoline Triad has proven that there is nothing beyond our one life. It is also interesting that the Pope ignored the wisdom that the Assasins had gained on the subject of religion. However, as the Pope only ever assasinated one target, during a Prayer ceremony, he was able to perform the assasination, then inconpicuously pray for the body. Again, this does appear to be abnormal, but it was nevertheless Gerrad's way.