Cole is a deadly assassin who isn't that well known by name but well known by skill. ((WIP))

Cole J. Kuo
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Cole is a tall, young, good looking assassin known for his white hair (Dyed) and amber eyes. He is known for wearing a white sleeveless jacket with the assassin's hood, on his arms he wore two bracers similar to the original bracers used by the crusades era Assassins. under his jacket he wears a sleeveless vest with the assassin's crest on the front and back, his trousers are black slightly baggy jeans with taped up areas where he's ripped holes in them from his free-running. he also has dual holsters for his H&K MK 23s on both legs. he is also covered in irezumi tattoos with hidden assassin related emblems within the beautiful marks that cover him.


Cole isn't a complicated individual. He's honorable, loyal, friendly and determind. He is also known for being vengeful and agressive. He also hates Templars more than anything and is willing to do whats needed to wipe them out. He also isn't afraid to stand and fight despite beign told by the more experienced Assassins to run when getting into a potentual fight.


Cole is a immensly talented assassin having mastered all assassination techniques and combat tactics. He is also a master martial artist using Tae-Kwon-Do, Chinese Martial Arts, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Muay Thai and Boxing. He has also mastered various weapon styles such as Escrima, Kenjutsu, Battojutsu, Iaido and Fencing. Cole's marksman skills are great aswell rarely missing his mark with any ranged weapon he's given. When it comes to Free-running Cole has never been caught (after finishing his training) have escaped highly trained ex-special forces mercenaries and elite Templar enforcers. He is known for a dynamic and flashy style of free-running using wall-runs flips and vaults to escape his enemies. He also has a unique Eagle-Vision that gives him a degree of precognition allowing his agility and reflexes to increase due to his instincts taking over during the precognitive flashes.


Coel carries a veriety of weapons, though he is known for his hidden blades, Chokuto and Short Blade based on the legendary Altair's short blade. He also carries Dual H&K MK 23 pistols which are silenced along with the other firearms he uses such as the F2000 he carries on some operations and his Accuracy International AWM sniper Rifle.


Early LifeEdit

Cole was born in Taipei, Taiwan to his American father Richard L. Jackson and his Taiwanese mother Mei Kuo, who were both members of The Assassins Order. and raised him to join the order when he was older. After years of growing up with family and friends as well as training in free-running and martial arts his family was killed by members of the Templars, armed with various high tech weapons not expected to be made until 2025. After his family was wiped out he ran and found Mr. X the current head of the order. X trained him more extensivly in what his family taught him, after 5 years of training and a week after his 10th birthday Cole was taken out to test his skills taking important infomation from a Templar lieutenant named John Fawlkins. though he was seen and forced to evade John's bodyguard but was trapped in an alley. Even though he was outnumbered and outsized Cole's martial arts training allowed him to escape, after returning the intel he was promoted. After many years aged 18 Cole was already a strong assassin having already killed 12 Templars in revenge for his mother and father.

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