Damien, formerly Jesus and Yeshua, is the leading Patriarch of the "New Dawn" Council and has been that way for over 2010 years.


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Damien was born into the Patriarch Family of the New Dawn, the "Ruling Family" of the New Dawn and was approved to be stronger than most of the next generation members of the New Dawn Council which secured his Family Line's continuation as Patriarch of the New Dawn, he was born in 5 BC in the Town of Bethlehem as part of the Roman Empire which the New Dawn at the time ruled.

He was born with the name Yeshua which was discovered by the Jews however after going about proving his strength he was named Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ by the Early Christian Church, many doubted his powers including the last line of the Matriarch of the New Dawn whom went by the human name of Pontius Pilate, Pontius had Yeshua arrested and trialed before being Crucified on a Cross.

Later however it was revealed that Yeshua had originally survived the Crucifixion and had withdrawn from the Public to recover from the injuries received, after he was once again revived back to his fullest of power he fell upon Pontius and destroyed what remained of his Family's Clan which allowed another to take his place, this would later give birth to Yeshua's Soulmate: Soran.


Yeshua took the name Damien and took command of the New Dawn, he reinforced the Cardinals of the Catholic Church and replaced some with the New Dawn Council Members putting the most powerful Political Organization in their Hands, eventually he found a young "Divine" Orphan that had been abandoned by the present Matriarch Family whom met their end against political rivals shortly after giving the child up, the child was adopted by Arabs and called Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh. Damien met the young man and gave him the name Soran at Jerusalem, here the Arabs believed that Muhammad had ascended to Heaven when really he had joined his Birthright, in no time at all Soran's powers developed to where he became the New Dawn's Matriarch and his remaining relatives flocked into his rebuilt Clan.

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