Assassin's Creed B
Emilio Gianluca was a member of The Blades of White Light, and was Luciano Ernesto's right-hand man

Early LifeEdit

Emilio is extremely secretive, and he has kept most details of his past to himself. However he has told Luciano some details out of trust. He was born to a Templar father and an Assassin mother. Early in his life his father had killed his mother when he discovered of his wife's heritage.

As an AssassinEdit

After the murder of his mother, Emilio ran away and eventually found the Assassins, and was trained under them. After that his trail goes cold until he met The Blades of White Light, but it is somewhat known that he had assassinated a few major players in the Templar Order.

The Blades of White LightEdit

Emilio joined the Blades when Luciano had been a member for a year, and he approved of Luciano being the leader. He and Luciano had been good friends when Emilio was training as a member of the Blades, and they regularly trained together in freerunning, combat, and stealth, utilizing the many environmental elements of many cities. Although Luciano won most of the time, Emilio was never one to hold a grudge. He respected Luciano and watched him during training to learn by example. Emilio quickly learned and stepped up in the ranks and became a Master Assassin halfway in his second year of being an Assassin.




Emilio has extraordinary free running capabilities favouring wall flips as well as jumps to overcome obstacles or does. He has mastered countless weapons and empty handed techniques.he favours to assassinate his targets by air assassination.