An e-fit of the general appearance of the Jiae D'Orans.

This page refers to Jiae Armentha D'Oran, the first Arcadum and the co-ordinator of the Vatican Incident. For other Jiae D'Orans, please refer to the Canon, which details every Jiae documented.

Jiae D'Oran is the original perpetrator of the most important crime committed during the events of The Vatican Incident, murdering Cardinal Gerrad Ernesto IV. There were no witnesses to the event, as the undertaking was executed with such professionalism that the only aspect linking Jiae to the crime was a signed note.

Early Life

Jiae was a first child, born to Aaron D'Oran and Meredith June D'Oran on the 21st May 1556, and raised in a disused monastery in the French Alps, along with, Bethany Farian and her Italian husband, Pablo Farian. Jiae was an only child until aged three, at which point Aramus D'Oran was born. together, they were brought up by their parents, along with Arturo Farian, the brother's only companion in the hermitage. In 1569, the monastery was raided by the Templars, who lit torches at all the entrances and managed to smoke out the building. A skylight installed in the uppermost level of the monastery allowed the escape of the three boys, however, on their attempts to escape, the parents found that there was not enough room to squeeze through the gaps, and, with no other choice, turned to face the Templars. In his memoirs, currently in the posession of the archiver at The Arcadius, he details that "one of them noticed me, right at the top. But the next event restored my faith in my parents, and in my order. I saw a splatter of blood erupt from his left eye, and, a moment later, realised a crossbow bolt was responsible for it, still bearing the mark of the Brotherhood. I smiled, and ran on".

Historical evidence tells us that Arturo, Jiae and Aramus then sought shelter in the town of Calais,which tells us that either they found some kind of transport or they really did walk that far, the latter of which is unlikely seeing as they managed the journey in but a month. From there, they managed to contact the Assassin's Brotherhood via an informant, known simply as Jacques, and believed to be an ancestor of Walter Tyler, a leading figure in the Jacquerie. Jacques linked them back into the Brotherhood, and via Missionaries operating in France at the time, found their way to Switzerland, in an outpost known as Point Blanc, where they trained until the Arcadius' formation.