Kyle Forman
Biographical information

May 15, 1977 (age 35)

Time period

Modern Time

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Abstergo Industries (unwillingly)

My name is Kyle Forman, Its been ten years since those Abstergo bastards kidnapped me and revealed they killed my parents. I will hunt all of them down, one by one. Even if it takes me a lifetime.

-Kyle Forman

Kyle Forman (born May 15, 1977) also known as Subject 2 is the current Master Assassin in the Assassin Order. He is also the son of Adam Forman and grandson of, German Master Assassin, Arne Führend.

Early LifeEdit

Kyle Forman was born in New York City on May 15, 1977. He is the only child of Adam Forman and Lola Wells. When Kyle Forman was four, Kyle's father, Adam Forman told many stories about Kyle's grandfather Arne Führend and his life as an Assassin. Kyle then committed himself to become an Assassin.

Training of the BrotherhoodEdit

Kyle's training to become an Assassin started in 1985 when he was 8 years old. Adam taught Kyle many techniques of assassinations and combat movements. His training lasted until 1988 on his 11th Birthday.

Abandoning the OrderEdit

In 1991, When 14 year old Kyle was comming home from school, police and detectives surrounded his house. Kyle then saw people comming out of his house with two body bags (which contain Kyle's parents' corpse). The police said that someone broke into the house and murdered his parents. Devistated Kyle was then forced to live in a foster home, until he ran away a month later.

Abstergo IndustriesEdit

Kidnapped by AbstergoEdit

In 1996, 19 year old Kyle, now a convenience store clerk was abducted by Abstergo and nicknamed Subject 2. Kyle was strapped to an animus and Warren Vidic was asking Kyle questions about the Assassin Order and the Piece of Eden. Kyle then told everything he knew to Vidic and kept pleading to leave. Vidic and one of his assistence then hooked him up to the animus to relive the life of his ancestor Arne Führend. Kyle spent over 3 weeks in the animus and Kyle then suffered from the bleeding effect.

The EscapeEdit

After nearly going into madness from the animus, Kyle grabbed one of the computers in the Abstergo lab and crashed it into the window and performed the leap of faith out of the building. He then spent most of the time on the street suffering from the bleeding effect. After two weeks on the street, Kyle was then going completely mad and almost killed a homeless man on the street.

Life serving The BrotherhoodEdit