Louise is the sister to Fernardo Turnison,An powerful Assassin.She is killed during the break in in the Turnison wars.

Early LifeEdit

Louise was a bit of an spoiled girl but was smart and funny.She was not an favoured child like her brother.Louise ran away once in her teens and was raped.She gave birth to twins Armando Turnison and Maria Turnison,The latter being her grandmother's name.

Turnison warsEdit

Louise is an woman who works with other woman and dance to get money.Fernardo takes this as an oppoturnity to get away from Eneimes.One day,The eneimes started to kill of the dancers and Louise helped Fernardo to escape.

Louise and Fernardo escaped to their mansion and they got their mother Maria Janice Turnsion away.Their brother,Luis Turnison,Who is the oldest,Is found dead,Which shocks Maria.They escaped to Maria's freind Leta Yanira and her brother Ernesto Yanira.Louise gave birth to Maria and Armando,Maria being 20 seconds older.The eneimes,Led by Armando,Took over.Louise escaped with her mother and the children.Louise then killed Maria to put her out of her misery.Armando found her and held her hostage.She then had sex with him and kicked him in where it hurts.Louise escaped and learned her children have escaped with Leta.

Fernardo,Ernesto and Louise chase down Armando but it gets to an point where only Fernardo can go.The eneimes apear and kill off Ernesto.Louise escapes but is decapitated by Armando,Who was hideing.Louise is later found by Leta in her house.Leta trys to escape as Louise has an firework inside her mouth.The house blows and Leta dies,But Fernardo rescues Maria and Armando but Armando dies of burns.


  • You never ever leave me again.Louise to Fernardo after getting left behind.
  • HELP ME,FERNARDO,Louise to Fernardo in the break in.
  • OH GOD,GET OUT,GET OUT,Louise in labour.
  • Maria,The girl and the boy,Armando.Louise to Maria when given birth to the twins.