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Luciano Ernesto
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June 2, 1458



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The Blades of White Light

"All my life, I have fought a seemingly endless battle. I know in my lifetime I will not see the day the Templars are truly defeated. I must have faith that the Assassins of the future will continue to fight for peace."

Luciano Ernesto was the leader of the Blades of White Light from 1481 to 1529, and was one of the little known, but most influencial assassins

Early Life[]

Luciano Ernesto was born on June 2, 1458, to the noble Ernesto family of Venice, as Luciano Ernesto da Venezia. He was raised to be a proper noble, studying in the politics of Italy. However, Luciano was a free spirit. He would usually go out and about after his studies, running along the rooftops with the guards hot on his tail. At 19 he was caught by the guards one day while sneaking into Basilica di San Marco through the rooftops. Instead of being brought home to be scolded by his parents as he thought however, he was brought to the hanging galley to be executed. Once he was dragged there, he saw his parents and older brother and sister about to be executed. Luciano then fought free of the guards' grasp and ran away. With his skill, he quickly escaped. He returned home to see if his oldest brother, Aberto Ernesto, was still there. He found the house completely trashed, and his younger brother nowhere to be seen. He noticed a lone piece of paper on a table. It read "To the den, the third lamp." He went to the den and inspected the third lamp on the wall. He saw it was hinged and pulled it. The wall next to it raised and revealed a hidden room. In there, was a chest containing his fathers Assassin robes, sword, knife, and hidden blade. Luciano quickly began searching for the man responsible for the death of his parents. A few days later, he discovers that the man responsible was Uberto Alberti, a friend of the Ernesto family, and he had been killed by an Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Luciano is relieved that Ezio is fine, since he and Ezio had been friends for a long time, but then worries for the rest of the Auditore family. He travels to Monteriggioni, a personal town for the Auditore family, to see if everyone was okay. There, he found Ezio, as well as his uncle, Mario Auditore, and his mother, Maria, and sister, Claudia. Ezio explained that Uberto had ordered for the execution of his family for accusations of treason, and that his father and two brothers had been caught and executed. He explained that he had found his fathers Assassin robes, sword, and hidden blade, and found Uberto and killed him. Luciano had explained his side of the story. Luciano then began training under Mario Auditore alongside Ezio.

A young Luciano, wearing his father's Assassin robes.

As An Assassin[]

Under the guidance of Mario Auditore, Luciano quickly rose in skill, surpassing Ezio in all areas. Although Ezio was slightly annoyed by Luciano's superiority in skill, he was still good friends with him and trained with him all the time. Within a few years, Luciano was gifted the brand of the Assassins and quickly rose through the ranks of teh Assassin Order. As Ezio worked in Florence, Venice, Tuscany, and Romagna, Luciano worked in Rome, the Vatican, and sometimes Spain or England. Luciano had assassinated some major players in the Templar order, such as Saviero Othello, who in part oversaw the training of Templar soldiers, and Marcello Giordano, who oversaw the shipment of most of the Templars weapon overseas. Luciano ventually hung up his father's Assassin robes and opted for his own Helmschmied Drachen armor. After Ezio defeated Rodrigo Borgia at the Vatican, Luciano returned to Monteriggioni to welcome Ezio back and to get caught up on events. During the siege of Monteriggioni Luciano assisted in evacuating the people and escorting them to Rome and helping them start new lives there with his wealth as a nobleman. Luciano also assisted Ezio in freeing Rome of Borgia influence by burning Borgia towers and recruiting blacksmiths, doctors, and tailors to the cause. He also recruited people who fought against the Borgia to his own Assassin guild, where he trained them and sent them on missions across Europe.

The Blades of White Light[]

At the year 1478, Luciano had met the leader of the Blades of White Light, Drago Raffaele, and Drago allowed Luciano into the Blades due to his phenominal skill. Luciano continued to perform missions on his own accord and recruited more Assassins to the cause. He regularly trained with his recruits along with his fellow Assassins of the Blades. After Drago's death in 1481, the rest of the Blades decided on Luciano being the new leader.

The Leader[]

As the leader of the Blades, Luciano worked with the main Assassin Order to rebuild the Brotherhood. He often worked alongside Ezio to fight the Templars and uncover their plans. He also helped set up Assassin bases all over Italy.

The Sword of Eden[]

In the year 1498, Luciano caught word of a Piece of Eden the Templars were hiding, and that it was going to be prepared to be transported to the Vatican secretly under the strict orders of Cesare Borgia, to assist him in his invasion of Rome. Luciano discreetly followed the trail, and continued to recieve information by assassinating and interrogating various Templars involved, and gained new leads into the whereabouts of the Piece of Eden. In 1501, Luciano found out that Cesare had finally given the order to transport the Piece of Eden to Rome. Luciano infiltrated the fortress where it was to be shipped out from and saw the chariot just as it was leaving at full speed, with one of Leonardo da Vinci's machine gun war machines attached to the back, being escorted by three other machine guns. Luciano quickly persued on horseback. He was bombarded by machine gun fire until he caught up to the last chariot, one of the war machines, and jumped on. Luciano killed the gunner and the driver, then climbed on one of the horses pulling it and jumped to another war machine. He killed the gunner and driver and used the gun to destroy the other machine gun, then he jumped aboard the chariot containing the Piece of Eden. After killing the two on the chariot, he manned the machine gun to fend off an army of persuers. Eventually the chariot came up on a sharp turn that the horses could not make, and the chariot fell down a tall cliff. At the bottom, after he came to, Luciano noticed a shimmer underneath a tarp from the remains of the chariot. He lifted the tarp and saw a golden sword. The 25th Piece of Eden. Luciano was then approached by hundreds of guards responsible for recovering the Piece of Eden. Luciano used the sword to wipe them out, and found another horse, which he used to return to Rome, and tell Ezio and the other Assassins of his victory. After using the sword on several occasions that called for it, Luciano hid the sword away in the year 1518, in a vault underneath the statue of Zeus at Olympia, a place that can only be accessed by an Assassin reciting a password.



Luciano Ernesto wears the Helmschmied Drachen Armor with a white base color and white cape. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and has a thin beard and mustache. He bears the Assassin mark on his left ring finger.



Luciano is extremely fast and agile, with the ability to outrun even agile guards. Luciano has incredible free running abilities and utilizes the Eagle Sense ability to percieve the world around him in multiple ways. Luciano is stronger than the average Assassin, and always strikes quickly and precisely and the get away within seconds.Luciano has masered many forms of martial arts, and is adept in all weapons. Luciano sometimes dual wields with his sword and short blade, as well as utilizing other weapons mid-combat.


Luciano uses two hidden blades, with pistol and poison attachments on both. He uses a sword and short blade of his own design, and uses throwing knives and a crossbow for ranged stealth assassinations. He uses smoke bombs for quicker escapes and keeps a medicine pouch on hand. He also uses two hookblade attachments.