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"I kill people, not just for the money, not just for the reputation. I kill people because I like it"

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The Arcadius are a sect of assassins existing in modern-day great Great Britain. They operate almost entirely seperate from the main Assassin's brotherhood and are mostly contract killers. They are comprised of five members, all with large quantities of First Civilisation DNA. Members of the Arcadius have mastered the "Bleeding Effect", and have subjected ther Assassins to Animus use so as to give them heightened awareness an agility, as well as mastery of tools such as the Hidden Blades, but without killing them. They are all...(Read More)

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This wiki is dedicated to creating the best fanon material about Assassin's Creed, a cult action/adventure series set duringvarious points of history.

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  • …that Acre was conquered by the Crusaders of Richard the Lionheart.
  • …that Cenaï betrayed the assassins to become a bounty hunter.
  • …that the Hashashin was a guild of assassins.
  • …that Damascus has never been captured by invaders.
  • …that Masyaf was the capital city of the Hashashin.

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