The "New Dawn" is a Secret Organization that existed since before Assassin Creed with the exact time of its existence being unknown, it was led by the remaining "Pure" descendants of "Those that Came Before" which have less diluted blood compared to their lesser descendants (select members of the Assassins and Templars), it is believed that the Technology left behind by "Those that Came Before" is used to change their DNA at Birth to be more like their predecessors and bring out the best attributes of both Men and "Gods".


The "New Dawn" was built into a Family-like Style where all of the members consider themselves related if not biologically and it is confirmed that the Assassins took after their command Structure, unlike the Assassins however, the "New Dawn" does not follow a select "Master" in charge but rather a vote which the Members ranking as the Matriarch and Patriarch holding the most weight.

Also it is interesting to note that the ranks of Matriarch and Patriarch are in no way connected to Gender, therefore either Male or Female member of the "New Dawn" can become either rank with Patriarch being considered the strongest Rank and Matriarch being secondary, also proven as protective of the Patriarch and usually the "Mate" of the Patriarch in a relationship sense.

The Organization also has altered Humans called "Seraphim" that act basically to protect the Ranking Members of the New Dawn Council and sometimes even the lesser members of their Organization, the Seraphim are revealed to Fund the Templars and incite the Assassins to fight against the Templar Goals just to find prime recruits between them for the Seraphim, presently it is revealed that the present Generation on the "New Dawn" Council have taken the position of "Cardinals" and have since been in that position since before the 1st Crusade.


Council Members:Edit

  • Damien (Cardinal, CEO of the Celestial Corporation, Patriarch of the New Dawn Council)
  • Soran (Cardinal, Assistant CEO of the Celestial Corporation and Abstergo Industries, Matriarch of the New Dawn Council)
  • Dimitri (Unknown, described as the "Bearer of Time")