Order of Gemini


Leaders' Title
High Tyndars
Date Formed
Constantinople/Istanbul (1426-1655)

London (1655-1722)
New York City (1722-1914)

Kansas City (1914-Present)
Known Leaders
Atalo and Sebastian
Caspar and Nicoelaz
Pieces of Eden Held
Third Apple (formerly)
Fifth Apple (formerly)
Two Crystal Skulls (formerly)
Second Sword (currently)

The Order of Gemini is an organization that was created by Atalo. Its purpose is to keep the Pieces of Eden out of the hands of someone who would use them against mankind, and also to study them to try and learn of their power and of their creators. Compared to the Assassins and Templars, it is a minor order, but in 2012 it held one piece of Eden, and has held as many as three at one time since their formation in 1426.

Possibly the largest custom in the Order of Gemini is the tradition that each member of the Order is fused with a blood brother. They work as a team in missions and concentrate on teamwork.



Atalo, a former Assassin and sworn enemy of the Ottoman Empire, fought with all his might against the expansion of the Ottomans, but knew he would have no impact by himself. He decided to make another order, based around teamwork instead of individuality. In his travels he met Sebastian, and the two quickly became great friends. Sebastian agreed with Atalo's ideas and thought that Atalo and he should become the first of these pairs. So, Atalo and Sebastian created the Blood Fuse, the creation of a union. The Order of Gemini was born.

Because their main enemies were located in Constantinople, and the city was the center of the world at the time, the pair created the base of the Order in the city. Over the next few years, Atalo and Sebastian started creating the customs of the Order and began recruiting.

Different CountriesEdit

Within a few years, the Order had recruited roughly two dozen to their cause and were still slowly expanding their influence throughout the Mediterranean. In 1431, Atalo and Sebastian appointed the Castum and Pollum temporary leaders as they went on a ten-year long journey throughout the known world, from Constantinople to England to China and dozens of other places. They went to learn about other cultures, their weapons, their customs, and possibly find recruits. Atalo and Sebastian brought back nearly 50 different types of weapons to replicate.

Recruits from different countries joined the Order during Atalo and Sebastian's adventure, and the members of the Order learned many different languages.


These are the ranks of the Order of Gemini.

High TyndarsEdit

The High Tyndars was the highest rank a pair could achieve in the Order of Gemini. They had full control over the Order. To become the High Tyndars, the team must have been picked by the preceding High Tyndars before their death.

Castum and PollumEdit

The Castum and Pollum have equal power in the Order of Gemini, both commanding a certain branch. The Castum commands the Castor branch while the Pollum leads the Pollux branch.

Dyedims and DatuurumsEdit

In the Castor branch of the Order, a pair of members, the Dyedims, control the many pairs of Geminums below them, with the same going to the Pollux branch and their pair, known as the Datuurums.


The Geminums were the lowest ranking members of the Order, each joined by a blood brother. Each pair of Geminums were either in the Castor branch or the Pollux branch.