Sèitheach/Alistair Macleod
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Biographical information

23 June 1284


22 November 1359(aged 75)

Time period

Middle Ages

Political information


Sèitheach('pronounced' SHAY uch), also known as Alistair Macleod was a Scottish Assassin in the 14th century. Alistair played an important part in The Battle Of Bannockburn in which proved one of the most decisive battles of the first war of Scottish independence.


Early life

Alistair was born in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Neither his mother, nor father were Assassins but the death of his parents forced Alistair to join the Order at the age of 18 and fight alongside his uncle Angus.

As An AssassinEdit


Medieval axe

Medieval Axe

Along with the hidden blade, Alistair's other main weapon was the axe. This medieval axe was Alistair's most significant weapon during his battles and has been responsible for many deaths throughout the battle for Independence.

Medieval dagger

The dagger was a secondary weapon for Alistair and it was only used in certain circumstances in battle. It was reliable to weaken the enemy and prepare time for a primary weapon strike to finish off an opponent,