Shadow was separated from his real parents at a very young age, thus, his real name was never known. He eventually became an assassin, but on one of his first missions, his group was ambushed, he had his eye stabbed out, his left hand crushed, shot, slashed, burned alive and nearly drown by being thrown off the edge of a cliff. Miraculously, he survived. He was found and brought back to the nearest headquarters. Eventually the doctors asked if they could try a new surgery, one that would make him a better warrior if he survived. He agreed and eventually made a full recovery. He chose to wear a skull mask to cover his scared face, wore a metal Cestal on his left hand, had claws on his right hand, a special curved double hidden blade that slid out from the outer side of his wrist, a small spike ball attached to a chain that he could launch out to attack people with that was built into his left vambrace and a long scythe with a hard metal skull on the reverse side of the blade and a tri-flail on the bottom. He also had a large assortment of weapons: dual pistols, a folded crossbow, a dagger, throwing knives, a poison dart-launcher, smoke bombs, fire bombs and a special Gatling gun in his wrist bracer. He eventually became a master assassin and went on to find an underground tomb of an ancient patron. In the tomb he found a special set of armor called Sidera Lapse Arma, made of comet ore and a Piece Of Eden called the Eye Of Eden