"When the flag of Liberty flies high over the land. Shane Hale. Remember that name."

Shane Hale was an Assassin during the American Revolution. He is an ancestor of Logan Taylor.

Shane Hale
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Biographical information

July 4, 1754


March 19, 1825

Time period

American Revolution

Political information

Assassin Order
The Blades of White Light

Early LifeEdit

Born on The Frontier to an American father and British mother, Shane was raised as any other boy would at the time. When Shane turned 4 however, his Assassin mother began teaching him in the Assassin ways. His father, with no problem with his son becoming and Assassin, and fully aware of his wife's heritage, took the liberty to help train Shane in hand to hand combat and in firearms, as well as hunting, all of which he excelled at, while his mother taught him free running through the wilderness and certian hand to hand combat tactics as well as training him with swords, knives, and eventually hidden blades when he turned 15.


Shane's normal Assassin attire is similar to Connor's in appearance, however it is pure white in base color and it has a few more accents and said accents are a more traditional Assassin red in color instead of Connor's blue, and also does not feature the Mohawk traditional designs as Connor's does, instead being of more Colonial tradition. He has short black hair and blue eyes.


Shane has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and strongly believes in freedom and liberty. He also respects the culture of the Native Americans of the land, as he was childhood friends with one.


Shane is an adept freerunner, as an Assassin should be, and his sheer speed is unmatched. He mainly prefers to use the rooftops to track a target, as he is more vulnerable when tracking on the ground. In a fight, he excels in using his sword and hidden blade in dual wielding, as well as using his twin flintlock pistols. He is also a very skilled hunter, commonly using a bow and arrow his father once used. Shane can climb through trees to hunt, and can take down even the toughest of game even on ground level.


As an Assassin, Shane's primary weapons are his twin hidden blades, with poison dart, hookblade, and hidden pistol modifications which he uses with deadly proficiency. He also uses his own personal sword, a straight, double edged two foot longsword. Other weapons include two short weapons, most commonly a tomahawk and a knife, twin flintlock pistols, a bow with arrows, smoke bombs, traps, and rope darts. Along the line, Shane comes across the Sword of Altair, which he keeps and sometimes uses alongside his own sword in dual wielding.