Tauil A'Ismad
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Third Crusade

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Assassins (formerly)

The Red Warriors of Acre

Tauil A'Ismad (born 1170 - 1223) was a former member of the Assassin Order and the founder of The Red Warriors of Acre.

Early Life and TrainingEdit

He was born into the Brotherhood in 1170 and was trained the ways of an Assassin under Al Mualim. In 1194, Tauil and Berkis was assigned a mission to go to Acre and follow an unsuspected Templar to meet with a traitor of the Order, who was really Tauil himself. Berkis got suspicious of Tauil, who was acting very strange when they arrived to Acre. When Berkis found out Tauil was the traitor of the Assassin Order, Tauil stabbed him in the stomach, left to die and Tauil then retrieved the letter from the Templars. Altair sent an assassin recruit to Acre, who witnessed the events that had occured.

Beginning of The CultEdit

When Tauil came back to Maysaf, Altair bannished Tauil of Maysaf and the Assassin Brotherhood. Tauil then formed a small group of assassins that later became a large cult that Tauil used to go up against the Assassins. The cuilt based in Acre and Tuail hired many spies to infiltrate Maysaf and get information from the Assassins to use against them.

Attack on MaysafEdit

In 1203, Tauil lead an invasion on Maysaf to take over the Assassins Order. After many of the Red Warriors died in battle, Tauil retreated back to Acre. The cult slowly died out over the years.


In 1223, Tauil was found by Altair in Acre and was assassinated.