Arcadius Embelem
The Arcadius is a sect of assassins existing in modern-day great Great Britain. They operate out of a separate branch from the main Assassin's brotherhood and are mostly contract killers. They are comprised of five members, all with large quantities of First Civilization DNA. Members of the Arcadius have mastered the "Bleeding Effect", and have subjected the Assassins to Animus use so as to give them heightened awareness an agility, as well as mastery of tools such as the Hidden Blades, but without killing them.


The Arcadius was founded in Rome during the 16th Century CE. It was actually created under the suggestion of Cardinal Gerrad Ernesto IV, who was at the time a Christian aide to the Order. His concept was the creation of an order of Assasins that interpreted the Creed in a more lenient way, and became almost Devouts of the Order. His actual words, "UT Lux, ad tenebris. UT Malum, ita Arcadus," are still engraved onto the hidden blades of all Arcadius. Literally translated, it means "As Light, so dark. As evil, so Arcadus." It was a subtle connotation of what the Pope expected of the Arcadius, which was almost a Christian, Crusader-type assassin. However during the Vatican Incident, the Arcadius eliminated him and moved away from Europe.

The Order of the Arcadius, as it was from that point known, quickly gained almost cult-level reverence, and followers, Disciples, sprung up around Christmas time every year following the Vatican incident. The Arcadius declared its intention to destroy the Christian church in the Vatican Note, and Disciples of the Arcadius actually started to place bets on which world church leader would be assassinated.