Nothing Is True Every Thing Is Permitted

Chapter 1Edit

Sihmad Igni-Arbettery was a young Assassin in Egypt.Right now he was on a mission assigned to him by his mentor.He was tasked with finding answers from a suspected Templar merchant.Sihmad chased the merchant through Alexandria,eventually reaching him and pinning him down.

Sihmad-'Where are your fellow Templar agents you peasant!'

Merchant-'I'd rather be given death then to reveal my brothers secrets you dammed Assassin!

At that moment Sihmad decided to let him run away from him for the time being,but another assassin,Jarame Ibna,quikly caught up to the Templar merchant and killed him.

Jarame-'So,Sihmad,how do I greet your acquaintance?'

Sihmad-'Well Jerame,it seems your skills have improved greatly sense the last time I was partnered with you.'

Jerame-'So how is our mentor doing these days?'

Sihmad-'The Mentor gas been....'


Sihmad-'He has been acting rather simple minded...Almost as if hes not worried about the Templar's.'

While the two were talking a crowd began to move around them.

Jerame-'Let us continue this discussion in private.

Chapter 2Edit

The two of them walked through the heated town of Alexandria while going back to there fellow assassins.Eventually reaching there chamber and greeting there mentor.

Mentor-'Ah,Jerame,I see you have finally come back from your year long mission.

Jerame-'There is still one more target I am not able to find.


Jerame'-His name is Ammon Aten.

Mentor'-Perhaps Sihmad will do quicker work with this hidden scoundrel.

Sihmad'-Thank you Mentor.

After leaving the hidden Assassin chamber,Sihmad quickly began asking around if any one had seen Ammon.He soon found a doctor who claimed to have given surgery to a man of this name.

Sihmad'-Do you know where this man has traveled to.

Doctor-'The man said....he was going to the poor district for some reason.

Sihmad-'Thank you Doctor.

Sihmad traveled through the poor district of Alexandria until seeing a guard being ordered around by a unkown figure.

Ammon'-Guards!Where is my transportation?

Guard'-But Amm-

Ammon'-Get out of my sight!

Sihmad quietly followed Ammon through the district until Ammon stopped to talk with one of his associates.

Ammon'-It seems that our fellow Templar's haven't arrived.

Templar Noble'-Ammon,I fill prying eyes on us.Let us move.

Before Ammon could walk away,Sihmad leapt from a rooftop and swiftly stabbed him min his shoulder with his hidden blade.


The Templar noble escaped before Sihmad could get him as well.

Sihmad'-Who are your associates?!

Ammon'-Okay,I'll tell you,just please spare me!

Sihmad'-What are there names?

Ammon'-There names are Horus Ma't,and the nobles name is Phtah Aten!

Sihmad'-I'm afraid I can't let you live for your crimes.

Chapter 3Edit

Mentor-Sihmad,I take it to believe is Ammon silenced?

Sihmad-Ammon is dead,but there are others.A man named Horus Ma't and a man known as Phtah Aten.

Mentor-Well...Is there any proof of them being associated with the Templar's.


Jerame-Let us find the evidence then,we should interrogate suspects or find more evidence.

Mentor-So,it is decided.Jerame,I'll need you to secure evidence while Sihmad,I need you to find as many suspects as possible.

Both Jerame and Sihmad began there mission as soon as they were told.Jerame traveled to the poor district while Sihmad searched the northern part of the city.Sehmad was the first to encounter any evidence.Sehmad found a man whol claimed to have seen Horus Ma'at not far from the area.

Sihmad-What did he look like?

Civilian-He appeared to have came from another country,I believe it was Spain

Sihmad-Ah,a Spaniard.


Jerame was having harder luck then Sahmad.