The Blades of White Light

Blades of White Light insignia

Date Formed
Notable Members
Husam al Din

Luciano Ernesto

Logan Taylor

Tariq al Din

Aiman Talik L'Ahik

Howard Quood
Pieces of Eden Held
The Sword, The Shroud, The Spear, The Axe, The Dagger, The Sixth

The Blades of White Light, or simply, The Blades, are a group of elite Assassins separate from the whole of the Brotherhood. Founded by Husam al Din, a Master Assassin, during the Third Crusade, after Altaïr Ibn-la'Ahad became Grand Master of the Assassin Brotherhood. The Blades of White Light began as a group of Master Assassins that still served the Brotherhood, but worked as a separate group. They followed the creed, but did so by their own means. They were not so bound by the strict policies of the order. They were stationed at Masyaf, along with the rest of the brotherhood. The Blades of White Light reached a height of 209 members during the Renaissance. The leader at the time being Luciano Ernesto. As time passed, the Templars slowly drove the Assassins further into hiding, as well as the Blades of White Light. In the year 2012, the group has 8 members. The current headquarters of the Blades is deep in the ancient catacombs underneath the Vatican in Rome. The German Brotherhoods, Nathaniel Harnish, was of the most skilled of "The Blades" and became Leader until he died of old age. Nathaniel, is to this day the best and most skilled loyal wise and dangerous Assassin of all time!!

Known LeadersEdit

Nathaniel Harnish

Luciano Ernesto

Husam al Din

Tariq al Din

Edward Hardin

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Aiman Talik L'Ahik

Howard Quood

Chris Stone

Known MembersEdit

Zachary Wilkins

Ben Kale

Barry Whitehound

Kyle Lenards

Scott Daniels

Tyrone Ryder

Tristen Ordin

Lucy Derin

Serenity Aborne

Jason Tora

Dylan Mark

Carlo Alberto

Achilleo Alberto

Emilio Gianluca


Howard Quood

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Umar Talik L'Ahik