The Vatican Incident is the informal name given to the organised murder of over 200 Vatican representatives and the Pope during the early hours of the morning, on 15 September 1591. It was notable for being the first independent act of The Arcadius.


The current list of suspected and confirmed assailants are as follows:

These are all the named assailants, having murdered the heads of Chuch in six respective countries. The other assassinations are the responsibility of a mass poisoning. The accumulative charges for these crimes deal a sentence of 876 years, a charge which works out to run out on December 25th, 2467. The laws in place at the time, carried out by Vatican decree, state that if a D'Oran is ever caught, they will be chaged fully for all of the crimes perpeurtrated.


  • 23:29- Assailants arrive in the vicinity of the targets.
  • 23:30- Service in the Vatican, which concludes with the drinking of Holy wine, is announced.
  • 23:38-Priets and worshippers gathered in the Vatican for service. Aramus D'Oran, a respected figure in the church, prepares to perform service.
  • 23:41- Lucian beeps in.Target- Irish Chuch Leader.
  • 23:42- Pablo beeps in.Target- Austrian Chuch Leader.
  • 23:43- Marion beeps in.Target- Portugese Chuch Leader.
  • 23:44- Arturo beeps in.Target- French Chuch Leader.
  • 23:45- Septimus beeps in.Target- Spanish Chuch Leader.
  • 23:50- Go ahead Signalled. Time confirmed-Midnight.
  • 23:55- Conclusion of church Service. Prayers chanted as wine and bread is handed out.
  • 23:59- Conclusion of prayers. Wine blessed. Assailants close in on targets.
  • 00:00:00- Asssinatons Performed. Worshippers Poisoned. Total Death Count- 268.

Events at The VaticanEdit

Aramus D'Oran, a mole in the Vatican, who had been in deep cover at the Vatican for 17 months, had dispensed notable quantities of an Argon compound into the wine. Argon, in enough quantity, is cruelly fatal, and had the desired effect. Two hundred and sixty-two men and women of the church took sips of their wine, and Aramus, at exactly midnight, shouted the words "Your Will Be Done!" as the worshippers screamed in agony. The effort was very cleverly calibrated, having the effect of 'the will of God' punishing them and the high-ranking priests. The phrase "Your Will Be Done!" was used simply because it was a line of the Lord's Prayer. It was very cleverly publicised, as another device delivered a spray of inhalant ecstasy to anyone attempting to enter the hall until two days afterwards, when the machine shut down and security staff discovered hundreds of bloodied corpses, blood spilt from their mouths and stinking of decay, along with everyone trying to enter stumbling around and babbling like idiots.