"मैं कला में महारत हासिल है और प्रशिक्षित तक मेरी हड्डियों को तोड़ दिया है, लेकिन यह पर्याप्त मैं और अधिक की जरूरत है मुझे मेरे पिता के सिंहासन (रूपक) की जरूरत है. नहीं है."

Animus translation: "I have mastered the art and trained till my bones have broken, but it is not enough I need more. I need my fathers throne (metaphorically)."

- Vestrigranamm as a young but jealous Assassin. He also liked a big bowl of dick in the morning.


Vestrigranamm Bhamannsterivignammasandtrathaimanupakgrranmagnananisvantanum

Ethinicity/Nationallity: Indian
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Assassin (fomer assassin) Templar


Vestrigranamm Bhamannsterivignammasandtrathaimanupakgrranmagnananisvantanum

Vest was a phenominal assassin when he was young especially at that age and even more impressive being the son of the leader of Dehli's Assassin Order, A well respected man who famously helped Husam al Din in the Middle East. Vest was get stronger and stronger and trained until his knuckles would bleed. He rose throught the ranks quickly but couldn't beleive his eyes when his father chose his childhood friend to be one rank above him. Jealousy sored through his heart but it got worse. The rank was also twinned with his childhood love of his life. He couldn't take it and he was not happy for her (as men were more dominant in those days).

An unhappy Vest ran out of the hideout and went to live in the caves. He trained and taught himself the assassin art and hunted the animals of the mountains and the jungles. He then met a strange figure and as he moved closer he saw it was human. He had more East/Central Asian features like a Nepalese or Tibetan person. He told Vest his name was Buddha and could sense the pain and anger he had. He wanted to help him and make him a peaceful man again. The meditated until the sun went down and his chukra's were open. The Buddha mentally calmed him down but he suddenly entered a strange state. He saw the Unknown Dude in his vision and learned further stages of Assassin training that no human knew about.

"एल्कोमे मोर्तल्."

Said the Unkown Dude. A great cosmic being of measurments and sizes unkown. He glowed blue like the god Vishnu he used to worship. He was like the stars, the sun and the moons all combined into one being, But this was no god. Vest was suspicious about this being and his intentions. The Unknown Dude to told Vest that he used to be a former Assassin in the future but is one in the past. Vest was puzzled by his riddles but knew this was a man of cosmic abillities. He learned how to kill without killing, talk without talking, sneak without sneaking and breathe without breathing. He became the ultimate silent Assassin with multiple skills. His ego had changed and he became a kind caring man.

His life was free and he many possibilties of starting a new life as a rouge assassin. His long journey across to nothern India and Pakistan caused him to lay some roots down and start life as a humble farmer outside of the closest city, Shimla. He worked even throught the snow and the searing heat where his sweat would cause even the mightiest slug to shrivel up and die. One day it was the festival for the new Maharaja who would parade through every city in India. Today he was coming to Shimla. This meant that Vest had to offer a portion of his crops to the city for the festival but while he was collecting his stock to take to the city a traveller came to his farm, a beautiful yound blonde woman, athleticly strong and walked with confidence. A young vest instantly fell in love seeing her radiant smile as she came towards his on the dusty dirt path. "Hei, kan jeg bo for natten?" the woman said. "Sorry?" said Vest. "Oh sorry. Do you have a room for the night?" the woman replied. "Oh yes, yes I have place to stay but I go city later for big big festival yes." said Vest. His English was terrible but he was in love. He was nervous but happy. They talked and laughed as she helped him with packing. She told him her adventures, how she came from the northlands and went to adventure around the East in Asia.

In the afternoon, Vest had to leave her at home while he pulled his cart up to the daunting path up to the city walls. The guards checked his bags and food sacks he had. He proceeded and gave the stock to the land lord of the marketstalls. He never felt so happy in his life with a brilliant festival, a new friend (first foreign friend) and a happy life. Not a single contract in years. He danced, sang and laughed. He even danced with his new blonde friend who arrived later, Spinning around watching her smile as she laughed staring in his eyes. It was all fine until the Maharaja arrived.

What he saw shocked him. The Maharaja was smiling waving to the crowd but behind him son, the crown prince and his girlfriend, Vest's childhood love. His heart was pounding with hate, hurt and hesitation. He his hurt, everybody spinning around him. He went mad. Rage crept over his body. The old him was starting to come back. "Are you okay?" said the blond girl. "Get off of me!" shouted Vest as he rammed her away from him. She looked shocked as she gazed at him trying to make sense of what happened. Tears streamed down her face as the man she thought she liked pushed her away. Vest ran up the building next to hime traversing the rooftops. Speed vaulting the chimeys, striding across wooden poles and dash vaulting over fences. Woosh! Leap of faith onto the tent on the elephant shielding the prince and the girl from the burning sun, just like the radiating smile of the blonde girl like the sunlight of the sun. For a moment peace, serenity and calmness filled his swollen mind. Dulling an numbing the pain of hurt. Crash! He leanded lop sided on the bewildered couple.

"Vestriganamm?" questioned the childhood love from her small lips, quivering in fear. Rage shot back in to him just like the pain in his leg. He was like a savage monster. His specially customised, curved hooked blade of his hidden blade tore into their flesh, not like that of an assassin but of a savage killer,a beast, a monster. He tore until their limbs broke off, until their guts were unraveled from their chests', until they were unrecognisable. "Guards! Guards!." screamed the Maharaja. Vest ran as fast as he could over rooftops jumping, climbing away from the guards and arrows. "Oh my beautiful son, my innocent son..." The Maharaja cried as he was knelt in the pool of blood. The fancy linen and silk pillows ruined his robes stained in the liquid from his own flesh and blood which mixed with the tears of his mournful face. Vest heard him weep and those words shocked him. "innocent". He broke the rule of the Assassins. Never kill an innocent person. Suddenly a arrow came flying towards his knee. He fell to the ground and screamed tearing it out of his leg. He was surrounded. One guard came flaying his sword around, he qucikly grabbed his arm and smashed him in the face with the hilt of the sword, qucikly turned and slices the two other guards in the throat, wooosh! He takes the guards throwing knives and shoots them into the fleeing guards. Crack, the head of the last guard snapped in half lay broken and dead on the floor.

The distraught assassin limped away, desperatley trying to run away from it, the chaos, the madness. He tried forgetting his past as an Assassin, his father, His father! He knew his next target. He wanted to start again. He wanted to be a Templar.

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